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Writing Mediums

Long Training

The development of this mediumistic faculty, in most cases, requires a long period of training and great persistence on behalf of the medium.  The spirit, Odilon Fernandes, tells us (in "We Are All Mediums"), that the medium who shows a tendency to write under the influence of spirits and thus pursues the development of that faculty, must "be aware that such a mediumship demands long and exhaustive exercises before starting to receive communications that deserve to be divulged."  He writes, 

We have seen many mediums with the gift of psychography, stepping back from the task, right at the start of the work, as if they expected immediate results.  The exercises are important, and the spirits cannot  afford a lack of quality in the communications that will be received by the mediums.  Many incarnate authors have written and revised their books a number of times, before they have sent it to be published.  Even after the books have been published, alterations should be made by the authors, if they are appropriate and the capability exists to effect them.  Reading the first pages that they produced at the beginning of their mediumship work, experienced mediums of psychography easily recognize that if they had to receive the same pages today, the essence of the spirit's thoughts would be the same. However, the spirits would find much more literary resources in them in order to dictate the messages.

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