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Writing Mediums

Conscious and Unconscious Psychography

  There are both unconscious writing mediums and conscious writing mediums╣.

The conscious writing medium, also called a semi-mechanical writing medium, works in a lighter trance and has a certain consciousness of what the manifesting spirit is saying, while the words are being dictated; after the communication, he or she vaguely remembers what was said.  Kardec writes, "[The semi-mechanical medium] feels an impulsion that is given to his hand, independently of his will, but at the same time, he knows, as he goes on, what he is writing.   These mediums are common. 

Though it is very rare, there are some writing mediums, called polygraphic mediums, through whom the spirits reproduce their own handwriting. However, the more common occurrence is for the medium to write messages from different spirits, but all in his or her own handwriting.

The unconscious writing medium, also called a passive or mechanical writing medium , works in a deeper trance; he or she does not remember anything about the communication when the spirit leaves.  Kardec writes ("Mediums' Book" ), "When a spirit acts directly on the medium's hand, he gives to it an impulsion altogether independent of its owner's will, causing it to write on, uninterruptedly, as long as he has anything to say, and to stop when he has finished", the marked characteristic being "the unconsciousness of the medium in regard to what he is writing, and of which he often has not the remotest idea."   These mediums are rare.  

╣ You may also hear or read about the Intuitive speaking and writing mediums.  We will discuss these under another section (see Intuitive mediums). Differing from varieties mentioned here, they do not involve the communicating spirit's direct action upon the body of the medium, but rather upon his soul, with which the spirit temporarily identifies itself.   

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