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Part 1

The faculty of mediumship is used by all kinds of people, for many different purposes.  The following list outlines some key points to understanding the vision and purpose that drives the application of mediumship within the Spiritist Centers, where such mediumship is practiced under the guidelines established throughout the teachings of the higher order spirits.

         It should first be made clear that mediumship is one thing, and Spiritism is another; they are not to be equated.  Spiritism is a scientific philosophy that serves to promote the elevation and progress of humanity.  Mediumship is a faculty that allows human beings, of any religious or spiritual belief, to channel the thoughts and ideas of the spirits.

         In the Spiritist practice of mediumship, three principal objectives, for those of us in the material realm, are: 1) cooperation between  incarnate and discarnate beings, in the service of bringing comfort to the suffering and enlightenment to the ignorant; 2) self-education, through the renewal of sentiments, achieved through the application of moral teachings; and 3) the construction of precious ties of affection with the spiritual plane, thereby consolidating the bases of superior cooperation and friendship.   ("Studying Mediumship", Ch XXIX)

         In addition to the objectives above, another application of mediumship, which falls under the umbrella of practical Spiritism, is the collection of scientific investigations related to matters of the spirit.  After all, Spiritism is both a philosophy and a science. As the spiritual assistant Aulus, in the book "In the Domain of Mediumship",by Spirit author, Andre Luiz, says, "The laborious efforts of science are just as holy as the heroism of faith. Intelligent study, with its balances and beakers, also works to serve the Lord.  By investigating and recording mediumistic phenomena, science will be one day register psychic vibrations, thus guaranteeing the dignity of religion in the new era."

         The ultimate goal of mediumistic work, in the Spiritist view, is of a very lofty nature.  Spiritist mediums view their faculty as a gift from God that should be used, in cooperation with Jesus and the higher spirits, to help their brothers and sisters, both discarnate and incarnate.