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Part 3

         It should be pointed out that an integral part of the Spiritist vision of mediumship is the education of its students, regarding the roles that the superior spirits play in carrying out the work at mediumship sessions.  Just as the mediums have more responsibilities than merely showing up at the given time and fulfilling their role as channels for the spiritual realm, the spirits, themselves, have roles much greater than just appearing and fulfilling their end of the mediumistic exchange. In studying the books of Spiritism, such as those by spirit author, Andre Luiz, we learn more about the involvement of the superior spirits in the Spiritist Center's work. We discover the extent of their efforts, before, during, and after the mediumistic tasks are carried out, the objective being to ensure, as much as possible, the protection and success of the work.  As one delves deeper into the wealth of knowledge that Spiritism has to offer on this subject, one cannot help but feel an even greater sense of admiration and respect for the organization and loving dedication of our brothers and sisters in the spirit realm. 

         Lastly, though some may, presently, have a much more ostensive mediumship than others, the lessons to be learned, ones that result from the serious employment of this faculty, are open and applicable to all who believe.  Spirit author, Odilon Fernandez, writes, "The spiritual messages that come from mediumship, inviting man to an inner renovation, frequently have the mission of awakening the consciences of those who persist in making errors." These messages are very important for us, for as this same author adds, "So far, the biggest challenge for the incarnate spirit is not to believe that life goes on after the death of the physical body, but to live in this world with the sense of eternity." 


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