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Part 2

         Spiritism teaches us about the seriousness of the work involved in mediumship and, consequently, of the moral and disciplinary responsibilities of the medium who wants to have the guidance, cooperation, and protection of good spirits.  Mediums who are true students of Spiritism and who are dedicated to their work, heed these lessons and strive toward behaviors, both in and out of the Spiritist center, that reflect their understanding of these responsibilities. (see "Necessary Virtues" on menu bar at left)

         "Give for free what you receive for free" is a moral maxim of Jesus, respected by Spiritists in the practice of mediumship. Like other works of compassion and assistance that are carried out at Spiritist centers, the fraternal assistance and educational opportunities afforded by mediumistic exchange are always carried out free of charge by Spiritist centers and their workers.  As humble workers of the lord, Spiritist mediums recognize that they serve only as instruments for the spirits with whom they collaborate in tasks of benevolent purpose. Respecting the higher spirits with whom they desire to work, seeking not to exploit them for financial gain or with requests of inferior or material concern, and likewise recognizing that mediumship is a gift given freely by God, Spiritist centers do not put a price on the assistance, collaboration, and goodwill of their spiritual mentors and work partners. 

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