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Some of the more severe psychological disorders, including insanity, that we see take hold of a number of individuals, are highly complex in their nature and make-up. As a result of studying Spiritism's teachings about spiritual obsessions, we can more readily understand how more than a few individuals who suffer from mental infirmities are actually victims of advanced spiritual obsessions that have gained complete control over them. At the same time, there are also physical factors involved in the phenomenon of obsession, due to the reincarnatory process.

The vast majority of scientists in the medical field, today, still do not admit, understand, or consider causes of insanity other than those of a material nature, stemming from dysfunction of or damage to the brain, chemical imbalances, and other physical causes. When treating physical illnesses that affect the mind, they are able to clinically treat symptoms of the force that acts upon the patient and causes him to suffer some form of madness or mental and/or emotional disturbance. Yet, when there are no physical signs to indicate a cause or trigger for such disturbances, science is unable to effectuate a cure.

The fact of the matter is that madness can occur with or without evident physical cause.  In either case, the medical and psychological professions, and their patients, would benefit extremely from the comprehension and consideration of the eternal life of the spirit and of the operation of divine laws in the process of reincarnation. As Spiritism teaches us, insanity and other mental disorders can derive from physical causes, as well as obsession, or both, simultaneously.  In any case, there are always seeds, carried by the spirit, which may bring about the occurrence of the disorder, thus transforming the incarnated spirit into a victim. The text to follow will explain why.