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From the Spiritual Angle

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From the spiritual angle, Spiritism teaches us about the life of the spirit beyond the death of the body and the relationships that we, as incarnates, maintain with those who are presently in the discarnate state. We understand how, for a variety of reasons, these relationships can be harmful and can take the form of a spiritual obsession.  When this obsession advances to a more serious state, it can actually lead to cases of madness.  This message is clear in a spirit communication found in "The Medium's Book", which was the response of superior and knowledgeable spirits to the question, "Could corporeal subjugation be carried to the extent of producing madness?"  Their answer was the following:

Yes, a species of madness, of which the cause is unknown to the world in general, but which has no connection with ordinary madness. Among those who are treated as mad, there are many who are only subjugated, and whose treatment ought to be exclusively moral; but such patients are often made truly mad by the physical treatment to which they are subjected. When your doctors understand Spiritism, they will then cure many more patients than they now do. (see item 254, q6).

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