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Treatment for Both

Because of the complexities of factors involved in the varieties of madness, as well as the initial and subsequent symptoms that unfold, the best approach to treatment includes both spiritual and material resources. Spirit author, Manoel Philomeno de Miranda, explains: 

Insanity due to obsession looms high among the many disorders that plague mankind nowadays.  Haunted by untold inner troubles, obsessed people have been deplorably overlooked by most psychiatrists and psychologists who, stubbornly attached to their materialistic outlook, deny the presence of discarnate entities as intruding personalities in the causes of several mental diseases.

On the other hand, many Christians, enlightened by Spiritist teachings, set out to help the mentally sick, believing that most mentally deranged people are victims of obsession and need only spiritual treatment, overlooking medical care which is indispensable.  Both extremes are wrong and should be avoided.  Of course, all of us, as spirits in evolution, carry the causes of our mental and physical derangements within ourselves.  Since pain is, in itself, a process of spiritual refinement for the ever-unfolding soul, we infer that suffering arises from the spirit's misuse of life resources, granted to him by the superior powers that supervise life.  Such recourses should, of course, be used positively, as tools to help the spirit's evolution.

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