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Spirit Communications

Since Allan Kardec first recognized the intelligence in the spirit phenomena and communications that he witnessed╣, and thereby began the process of serious study and analysis of such communications, there have been innumerable messages received from our brothers and sisters in the spirit realm that, in their detail and  universality of statements (referring to teachings, explanations, etc),  leave no doubt as to the survival of the soul beyond death of the material body, and furthermore, the existence of multiple incarnations.  

The serious, mentoring spirits, who have communicated and continue to communicate with us, have proven both their existence and the degree of their evolution by the kind of  information they have revealed and by their serious, intellectual, and moral character, shown consistently and with the utmost integrity throughout all their communications.

In some cases, as in a communication from the spirit of a deceased person who was known to one or more persons present, the spirit reveals not only information, but also a style of communicating, both of which assure those persons of the spirit's identity.  Sometimes, these loved ones, in the discarnate state, forewarn the living of events to come, in predictions which later prove to be true.

Other times, the spirit may not be familiar, but may communicate, for example, regarding details about their last incarnation or some other kind of information that is unknown to the medium or to anyone present, and that is later confirmed to be accurate.  

Other cases include visions of the communicating spirits by seeing mediums. Spirits have also been able to communicate through mediums, speaking in languages unknown to the medium.  In a few (though rare) cases, messages have been channeled in writing by mediums who, under normal circumstances, are illiterate.  

These are just some of the examples of communications that were received and analyzed during Kardec's time and continue to be received today.  Once the validity of the spirits' existence and communications was confirmed, we were able to begin learning what the spirits came to share with us, as we still do today.

Often times, these spirits tell us about their own personal experiences, their decisions, attitudes, and actions during past lives and the resulting conditions that they faced in the spiritual realm, as well as subsequent material lives.  Some come only to find relief of their suffering through communications with those who can counsel them and guide them to help in the spiritual realm.  Still others come to reach out who remain living on Earth, and who are still mourning the (now discarnate) spirits' ill-understood parting.  And lastly, when they are spirits of a higher level,  they come to teach us about life and to answer the questions that we have about the worlds in which we live.  

referring to the table spinning, basket writing, etc- see our web section on the History of Spiritism for more information

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