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Scientific Investigation

Examples of scientific discoveries that demonstrate the existence of reincarnation generally fall under these categories:

1) Studies of the Spirit.  Without acknowledging the spirit's existence, we could not believe in reincarnation

2) Mediumistic communications in which the medium is able to transmit revelations about previous existences, either their own and/or of other people.

3) Studies in Memory Regression¹:

a) Via hypnosis, through which people are able to trace back in time and consciousness, often times reaching archived memories of past lives.  As investigator, Victor Zammit states, "the main reason why at least some of these claims must be considered as evidence are: 

• the regression frequently leads to a cure of a physical illness;

• in some cases the person regressed begins to speak an unlearned foreign language;

• in some cases the person being regressed remembers details of astonishing accuracy which when checked out are verified by the top historians;

• the emotional intensity of the experience is such that it convinces many formerly skeptical psychiatrists who are used to dealing with fantasy and imagined regressions; and

• in some cases the alleged cause of death in an immediate past life is reflected by a birthmark in the present life." 

b) Via spontaneous recall of past lives, where people, especially children find themselves recalling details of past lives, including specific events, places, persons, etc., knowledge of which they absolutely did not obtain in the present life.

*We must point out here that Spiritists issue a strong word of caution in relation to the practice of past-life regression therapy and advise that it should only be used when absolutely necessary, instructing that the forgetfulness of our past serves a purpose.  This gift allows us to reincarnate on Earth and live among others with whom we have the opportunity and spiritual necessity to develop positive relationships, in order to heal wounds that were created in past lives. The memory of those events, recalled during the present incarnation, could impede the success of that process.

¹ For additional reading available in English on both of the above, we suggest you check chapter 24 of Zammit's book  (non-Spiritist), entitled "Reincarnation", readable on-line at


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