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The belief in reincarnation is not new.  In fact, as Leon Denis stated, it "dominates all of antiquity.  We can find it in the core of the great religions of the Orient and in the most pure and elevated philosophic works.  It guided, in its march, the civilizations of the past, and [then] spread from one age to the next."  As such, many populations throughout history, through their religious education, have lived with a belief in the reality of multiple existences, of which we can find evidence of in various religious texts, including the Bible.  Some, however, may argue that the teachings of a religion or the history of a belief in multiple existences, is not enough to prove the existence of reincarnation.     

Spiritism, through its philosophic and scientific studies, helps us to understand reincarnation and find proof of its reality, without turning to any particular religion.  While it is true that many works of Spiritism's dissemination  (including "The Gospel Explained by the Spiritist Doctrine" from Kardec) point out the reference to such beliefs in the teachings of the bible and of Jesus himself, Spiritism shows us, at the same time, that even setting aside the particular text and teachings of the various religions, it is still possible to prove the existence of reincarnation through philosophic arguments, spirit communications and phenomena, and scientific investigations.

The firm conviction that a student of Spiritism arrives at is, generally, not through just one of the above, but rather through the combination and mutual support of all three.  Here, however, we will look at each of these factors separately, in order to understand how each contributes to the solution of the bigger puzzle.