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The Healing Process

The healing or curing process operates, as Kardec says, , "via the substitution of an unhealthy molecule  for one that is healthy." and the "curative power," he adds, "is related to "the purity of the substance injected, but it also depends on the energy of will, as well as the faith of the pass giver and the patient, whereby, the greater the will is, the more abundant will be the emission of fluids and the greater will be their power of penetration.  Furthermore, it depends, as well, on the intentions of he who desires to produce the healing, be he man or spirit."

When employed in the Spiritist center, the application of this magnetic action is done through the varying techniques of hand passes, by which the magnetizer known today as pass giver, makes an appeal to the higher spirits to come to his aid in the donation of fluids to the recipient, known as the patient.  In most cases, the type of pass that occurs involves the mixed, or semi-spiritual, magnetism.  

As the spiritual fluids are transmitted to the patient via passes, they are absorbed by the patient through the vital centers of his perispirit, known as chakras, whereby they are transformed into vital fluids and distributed throughout the body by way of the blood and nervous systems.

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