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Energy Imbalance


As you will recall, man is composed of spirit, perispirit, and material body.  Spiritism teaches us that the physical condition of the material body is a reflection, actually a direct effect,  of the healthy or unhealthy state of the spiritual body, or perispirit. Spiritism teaches us how the positive and negative qualities of an individual's thoughts and emotions, the morality of his behaviors, the moral qualities of the surrounding environment and the condition of other nearby entities (incarnate and discarnate) affect the state of the spiritual fluids that make up the individual's perispirit and, consequently, his personal energy field.


For more on  the perispirit, or spirit body,  please read about its definition and functions in the reading entitled, "The Perispirit ".  For more information on fluids,  please check the reading entitled, "Basics for the Scientific Study of Spiritism".  These are both found on the menu bar at left.

Over time, as he struggles through the stresses and challenges of material life, the health of the individual's perispirit is eventually compromised by the negative thoughts that he allows his mind to foster, the still imperfect tendencies in his behaviors, the influence of less elevated beings that he attracts through moral affinity, the disturbing qualities of the environmental fluids in the places that he visits, and any excessive physical exertion or  abuses.  As a natural result, the person's energies become unbalanced, leaving him susceptible to emotional, physical, and spiritual disturbances that become worse with time if no changes are made.

One way to protect oneself against this harmful process is through the regular exercise of mental and behavioral vigilance, the study of morally edifying teachings, and a strong connection with spiritual benefactors through prayer and elevated thoughts. However, even in spite of our efforts to do all those things, most of us still find ourselves enduring physical ailments of varying degrees and emotional pains that draw on our strength.  

Another way, then, to combat the harmful effects of factors that are damaging to the perispirit, is through the application of fluidic therapy, which cannot serve as a substitute for one's own efforts, but which, when used in combination with such, serves as a powerful tool for restoring and rebalancing one's vital and spiritual fluids.  As mentioned before, in the Spiritist center, the employment of fluidic therapy is done through the application of hand passes as well as the usage of magnetized, or fluidified, water.

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