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Three Forms of Magnetic Action

Today, we know that the universal fluid studied in theory by Mesmer does exist, and this cosmic or universal fluid is the fundamental principal of all matter, including the highly condensed form in the state of matter as we know it, as well as the more etherealized form in the spiritual fluids and the life-giving, vital fluid.  The latter is donated in the process of animal magnetism, discovered by Mesmer  In addition to animal magnetism, Spiritism teaches us about two additional forms of magnetism that involve the work of spiritual benefactors.

The three ways in which magnetic action is produced, as described by Kardec in "Genesis", are:

1. By the fluids of the magnetizer, himself.  This is the so-called magnetism, or human magnetism, the action of which depends on the strength, and above all, the quality of the fluid. 

2. By the fluids of the spirits, acting directly, and without an intermediary, upon an incarnate being, whether it is to cure or to calm a suffering, to provoke a somnambulic sleep, or to exercise some kind of physical or moral influence over the individual.  This is known as spiritual magnetism, the quality of which is directly related to the qualities of the spirit(s).

3. By the fluids that spirits "pour over" the magnetizer, who serves as a vehicle to channel the fluids.  This is known as the mixed, semi-spiritual, or human-spiritual magnetism.  Combined with the human (animal) fluids, the spiritual fluids give the former what it is lacking.  In these circumstances, the cooperation of the spirits is frequently spontaneous; however, most of the time, it is brought about by the appeal of the magnetizer.    

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