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The process of fluidic therapy is made possible by the mechanism referred to as magnetism, which is the effect of the movement of vital and spiritual energies when put into action.  Magnetism is not an invention or a discovery of Spiritism.  Likewise, there is no precise date or period marked by the commencement of magnetic practices. It has been employed, under different levels of conceptual understanding, and since the most ancient of times, as indicated by behaviors recorded in sociological and anthropological studies, and as evidenced by the teachings and practices of various religions of the world.  Scientific studies regarding the physical elements of the magnetic process can be found as far back as the 15th century, yet the modern study of magnetism often cites the work of the German physician and scientist, Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) and recognizes him as being responsible for the codification and demonstration of the practice of magnetism, as described in his work entitled "Theory of Animal Magnetism."  Mesmer, in studying the pre-developed theory of a universal fluid that penetrated in everything and had an effect on the human body, discovered the ability of the human body to channel this fluid in benefit another person, with the end results of healing physical illnesses. (To read more about Mesmer and this discovery, see "More on Mesmer" on the menu bar at left ).  Building on his discovery, others that followed him further developed the theory and refined the techniques involved.

While not having discovered the forces of magnetism, the Spiritists have studied its theory and applications, and continue to do so today.  Through the application of information concerning spiritual matters, revealed since the initial discoveries of Mesmer and his followers, the knowledge and utilization of magnetic capabilities has been significantly developed.  Today, the application of magnetism is an invaluable resource employed in the collaborative efforts of the incarnate and discarnate workers of Spiritist centers.  

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