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General Nature of Communicating Spirits

Identity of Little Importance

In teachings of a general nature, when we have no particular interest in knowing the exact identity of a communicating spirit, we can see how the detail of any particular name is of little importance.  In this case, what is of interest to us is not the personal individuality of the spirit, but rather the content and quality of the communication.  When referring to inferior spirits, we are interested in both learning from their conditions and testimonies, as well as helping them to improve their current state and encouraging them to move forward in a positive direction.  Regarding communications from spirits of an elevated nature, we are most interested in their message and the quality of their teachings. 

Kardec writes that common sense is the sole criterion by which we ascertain the quality of spirits and the value of their communications, and that spirits are to be judged by their language and actions, the sentiments they inspire, and the counsels they give, and that while carefully scrutinizing the style of spirit-communications, we must also examine their meaning, weighing their statements coolly, patiently, and without prejudice.

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