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General Nature of Communicating Spirits

Superior vs. Inferior

As one continues to study the works of Spiritism, he will develop the knowledge upon which to analyze spirit communications and determine the nature of a communicating spirit.  In general terms, however, we can look at the basic characteristics of superior and inferior spirits, a discussion of which we find in Chapter XXIV of "The Mediums' Book".  Based on this discussion, we have formulated the following table.

Superior spirits and their Communications

 Inferior spirits and their Communications

● Always couched in simple and dignified language.
● Show kindness and benevolence, not hatred (either for men or other spirits).
● Only desire the good of others.
● Only give utterance to kind  and  noble sentiments.
● Never are offended by examination of their communications; on the contrary, they advise it and have nothing to fear.
● Language is always dignified, noble, elevated, and clear.
● Express themselves with simplicity and modesty, never make a parade of their learning nor boast of their position in the spirit world.
● The meaning of their communications is always the same. Their thoughts are also consistent, independent of time and place of transmissions.  Communications are more or less developed, according to circumstances, needs, and facilities of communication; but they are never contradictory.
● Only state what they know; are silent or confess ignorance with regard to subjects with which they are unacquainted.
● May sometimes give us a hint or presentiment of future events, when some useful end is to be gained by doing so, but never, or rarely, give minute details or fixed dates.
● Express themselves simply and concisely; communications are clear, intelligible, and easily understood.
●  Never command, never assume airs of authority; give only counsel. If we do not listen to them, they retire.
● Never flatter; approve what is right, but always with moderation.
● Are above formalities and trifles.
● Are scrupulous of giving us advice in regard to our action in the affairs of our daily life, and only do so for the attainment of some serious and useful end.  (We must never act upon any spirit advice, unless the advice thus given is entirely approved of by our reason and judgment).
● Are prudent in regard to all that could compromise individuals; to unveil evil is repugnant to them.
● Only prescribe what is good; counsel is always in strict conformity with the purest form of charity as exemplified by the teachings of Jesus in the Gospel.
● Only make statements in perfect accordance with reason and laws of nature.
● Physical indications − calmness and gentleness in treatment of the medium.
● Pleasantry is often subtle and keen, but never undignified.

● Use low and unsuitable language.
● Evidence a want of kindness or nobility.
● Take scrutiny amiss and try to dissuade us from engaging in it.
● Language always shows some trace of human passions, every expression indicating ignorance, vulgarity, arrogance, boastfulness, or acrimony − characteristic of inferiority and fraud (if using an honored name).
● Meaning of communications is not consistent; statements are illogical, unreasonable, and unwise.
● Talk boldly of everything, regardless of truth.
● Make random predictions of future events with minute assertions in regard to pretended facts of which we know nothing (For example, an announcement of some given event, as being destined to occur at given time, is usually a hoax).
● Often endeavor to disguise their poverty of ideas under a pompous and inflated style, and are often pretentious, ridiculous, or obscure, while trying to appear profound.
● Are imperious; they give orders, try to make us obey them, and persist in staying, even when bidden to go away
● Exclusive and absolute in their opinions; pretend that they alone speak the truth.  They demand a blind credence and never appeal to reason, which would unmask their pretensions.
● Overwhelm us with exaggerated praise; contrive to stimulate pride and vanity, even while ostensibly preaching humility.
● Assume eccentric and ridiculous names, trying to impose on our credulity.  
● Borrow great names, often seeking to flatter a medium's vanity and then lead him on to regrettable absurdities.
● Delight in bringing evil into view; exaggerate, blame, and excite discord by perfidious insinuations.
● Make suggestions opposed to common sense and to the laws of nature.
● Physical indications - action on the medium is sometimes violent, producing in him a feverish or convulsive agitation, or causing him to make abrupt and jerking motions.
● Give perverse counsels
● Excite distrust and animosity against those whom they dislike, and direct their animadversions especially against those who are able to detect their inferiority.
● Seek out the weak in order to lead them astray, employing, by turns, sophistry, sarcasm, abuse, and even physical violence, as proof of their occult power; they do their utmost to turn their prey from the path of truth.
● Those who have busied themselves with one single idea or pursuit during their earthly life often remain, for long periods, under the sway of their terrestrial ideas, and retain many of the prejudices, predilections, and even manias of their earthly life.
● Satire of spirits of a lower degree, who, without being rude, are sometimes fond of bantering, is often sharp and perfectly to the point. 

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