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Lack of Ostensive Mediumship


We sometimes hear people comment that they think they may be mediums or they want to know if they have a potential mediumship to develop, and they inquire about what they have to do to communicate with spirits.  It is important to understand that mediumship is a serious thing and should be taken seriously, with a sincere desire and commitment, together with the appropriate preparatory study.  As such, there is no one formula or book that one can follow and learn how to become a great medium. The exercise of mediumship is one activity in which the advice of that old, familiar expression, "Do not try this at home" truly should be heeded, even for experienced, developed mediums.  The study and development of mediumship should be done at a conscientious and reputable Spiritist center, where one can receive, first, the knowledgeable education in theory, followed by guidance and mentorship throughout the development and exercise of one's faculty.  The text to follow, however, points out some general statements on advice and teachings from Spiritism regarding this subject.