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When and Where

As stated above, the study and development of mediumship should be done at a conscientious and reputable Spiritist center.  Even if one reads many books on the subject, this does not mean that he or she is prepared to work as mediums.  The Spiritist center is a place where mediums can work together, with the support and guidance of both incarnate and discarnate instructors and mentors.  Likewise, the center, itself, works under the protection of superior spirits and is an environment very different, for example, from one's own home. 

With the exception of certain cases, a person wishing to develop his mediumship should first have the appropriate background, i.e., a basic knowledge about the Spiritism, and should then follow a course of study in mediumship, in order to have a sufficient level of knowledge with regard to theory, before seeking to put his faculty to work. This is important for the protection of all involved, but mostly for the medium himself.  In addition to having acquired an appropriate level of knowledge, it's also important for the medium to show his level of commitment to the Spiritist center in which he desires to work, by first becoming an active member, thus establishing a trusting relationship with the directors and other workers at the center, and also demonstrating the sincerity of his dedication and discipline, as well as the moral quality of his character.   

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