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Lack of Ostensive Mediumship

 Signs of Ostensive Mediumship

You may wonder what the signs of an ostensive mediumship would be.  Ms. Schubert lists some of the more common phenomena that could be a signal of an existing mediumistic faculty.  She writes:

There are indications that characterize the presence of mediumship in an expressive form.  The superior spirits provide their orientation throughout that process, helping the beginning medium and facilitating his exercise of mediumship in a balanced and serene manner, affording the medium a sense of well-being and inner peace.

Some of the indications of a blossoming mediumship can be identified.  They are:  

o        volatile alterations in emotions (strong mood-swings)

o        an accentuated emotional sensitivity

o        visions of spirits

o        compulsive and inopportune need to write ideas that are not one's own

o        chills, sensation of tingling in the hands and on the head

o        negative physical sensations in certain environments or in the presence of certain people

o        sensations of nonexistent illness/physical problems

These are symptoms that can arise simultaneously, with a greater or lesser intensity being prevalent in one or another, or in several, according to the spiritual condition of the individual. 


It must be made clear that some of these symptoms cited can occur without necessarily being a signal of one’s predisposition toward mediumship.  Another point that must be emphasized is that mediumship is not an illness, nor should it be viewed as a privilege or, in some other aspect, like a task of such heavy responsibility that only some people are able to accomplish it.


The blossoming of mediumship represents, for the human being, a new horizon that opens for him.  It is a calling, an invitation to goodness that awakens him to the greater realities of life.  It is a responsibility, yes, but when experienced with serenity, love, and discipline, it will always be a source of benefits, first and foremost for the medium himself.

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