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Lack of Ostensive Mediumship

Lack of Ostensive Mediumship

Lastly, for those who wished to work as intermediaries for the spirits, yet find that they do not yet have such a mediumship, we leave you with this quote from Kardec:

"If, in spite of repeated trials, the medianimic faculty does not reveal itself in any way, the attempt must be given up, as the attempt to sing has to be given up by pupils who prove to have no voice.  He who does not understand a given language employs a translator;  those whose organism does not allow of their becoming mediums must follow that example, and have recourse to one who is a medium.  But, even though you should fail to find a medium, you must not imagine that you are left without the help of spirit-friends.  Medianimity is a means whereby spirits are enabled to express themselves to men; but it has nothing to do with attracting themselves to us.  Those who hold us in affection come to us, just the same, even in the absence of a medium. A father does not abandon his child because he is deaf, dumb, and blind, but tends to him, nonetheless, carefully and lovingly, though not perceived by the child.  Our spirit-friends do the same by us; they are always about us, and if they cannot transmit their thoughts to us ostensibly, they do so by inspiration."


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