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The novice medium must understand that the development of his faculty is a process that will happen with time, demanding patience and perseverance.  The spirit author, Odilon Fernandes, reminds us that, as a sense, mediumship "continues to evolve with the spirit after death" and that "nowadays, the vast majority of Spiritist mediums are simply gathering experiences to employ in future tasks which they could be called to fulfill."  Therefore, for the medium who is just beginning to develop and use this sense, his desired results should not be expected to happen overnight.  This same author tells us about mediumship's three phases.  He writes:

"We would say that mediumship itself has three phases;  the one which appears and manifests itself in the medium; another in which it is developed; and the last one, which is the productive phase.

In the development phase, the medium should devote himself in all senses, so as to become useful to the spirits, in the productive phase.

In the productive phase, we understand that this is where the medium, who is much more secure about his mediumship, does not vacillate.  Thus, he now works as an interpreter of the spirits, being enlightened by messages from the mentors, or by spiritual communications, revealing the suffering of the communicating spirits.  From all these communications and messages, it will always be possible to us to learn about life and the laws which govern it.

The developmental phase could last many years.  It depends on the level of diligence of the medium, his dedication, his love for the work, discipline, perseverance, etc.

If the superior spirits realize that the medium is well-intentioned, then the developmental phase can be shortened.  At that time, the Superior spirits will approach him, supporting his efforts, working with him in the spirit world when his spirit disengages from his physical body by the action of sleep and, in brief, they will organize intensively his faculties.

As Allan Kardec used to say, "Impatience and an overzealous desire reveals immaturity of the medium and his lack of preparation for the task.'"

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