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Charity and Compassion


In the section entitled "Necessary Virtues", we looked at what kinds of attitudes, habits, and characteristics a medium should have in order to be successful in the use of his mediumistic faculty, to protect himself from the potentials for downfall and the dangerous influence of inferior beings, and to draw to his side spirits of an elevated nature who share in his benevolent objectives and who can help him through their counsel, guidance, protection, and friendship.

A medium's possession of the above qualities requires that he put forth the efforts necessary to overcome his weaknesses and increase his tendencies and inclinations toward these positive qualities, turning them into his strengths.  This change is not expected overnight; naturally, it will happen over time, over lifetimes, in fact. What is important is the continuous effort toward improvement.

In addition to working toward these virtuous qualities, through a mental control over thoughts, attitudes, and reactions toward different situations,  what else can the medium do in order to be successful in his work and secure his own protection ?  In the text to follow are some practices that are recommended by Spiritist teachings.  Keep in mind that while directed here toward mediums, as part of our overall study of mediumship, these recommendations concern practices that should be followed by all.