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 Careful Selection of Places Visited

Mediums must be careful not to make a habit of visiting places that have vicious environments, referring here to environments charged with negative energies created by the unhealthy and morally inferior thoughts and behaviors of those present, both incarnate and discarnate, and the activities carried out at such places.  All mediums, no matter how moral they are, are still fallible, like all of us, except they are even more sensitive to psychic influence.  This influence has the potential to tempt their moral weaknesses and/or affect their personal energy field, which, in turn, influences their emotional and spiritual well-being, as well as their ability to be of beneficial service to others through mediumistic practice.  At the same time, such places are not frequented by spirits of a higher order, unless they are accompanying an individual who goes there in service to help others, which should be the only condition that takes a medium to places normally visited by spirits who are only of the lower order. 

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