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Active Participation in the Spiritist Center
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 Active Participation in the Spiritist Center

The medium who works in the Spiritist center is considered a worker of that center, and it is important for him to be an active member.  This medium should participate in other activities and tasks of the center, and should not go to the center only on the days of his mediumship work. This is important because the medium needs to be in contact with the good spirits that assist that center.  He also needs to establish ties of fraternity with the other mediums, outside of the mediumship sessions, as well as with other members of the center. In addition, the Spiritist center, while at the same time a hospital, a school, and a home, operates through the volunteer work and contributions of its members.  Therefore, the active participation of all members who offer their collaboration helps the center to be a source of spiritual aid to those in need and a place of learning and friendship for all. 

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