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 Frequent Prayer

For all spirits, incarnate and discarnate, prayer is an invaluable resource in obtaining both spiritual and physical balance, as well as in attracting positive forces to our own aid and to that of others.  For prayer to be truly beneficial, it must be sincere, with thoughts that come from the heart, not a memorized string of words that are recited in such a way that they are devoid of any emotion.  The prayer that is most effective is also one that appeals for well-being, protection, and guidance, and not for material gifts or harmful forces.  It is through sincere and meaningful prayer that we are able to create a link between ourselves and our spiritual benefactors; through this link, we tune in to them, via the vital force of thought, by which they hear our appeals and offer guidance and help.  In addition, a mind engaged in prayer emits positive vibrations that are amplified by the contributions of our spiritual friends. These vibrations envelop our spiritual and physical bodies in waves of positive energy. When the prayer is directed toward another, we appeal to good spirits who hear our request and go to the aid of that person, who also benefits from the positive energies that we emit and project in their direction. 







  *For a  detailed discussion on the power of prayer,  please    see  the  reading entitled "Prayer" under our web section on the Religious aspect of Spiritism.

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