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 Proper Care of the Physical Body

We've discussed, in many instances, the importance of the medium's sense of responsibility, with respect to his moral and mental state, i.e., the conditions and qualities of his thoughts and behaviors. However, the medium must also take good care of his physical body and avoid bad habits and vicious behaviors that have a negative impact on his health, such as smoking, drinking, drug use, sexual promiscuity, excessive and unhealthy eating, etc.  All of these activities, while obviously detrimental to his own physical body, also pollute the medium's spiritual energies and impede his ability to offer healthy, positive vital fluids to those whom he are in need of his aid. 

One obvious example of this is the healing medium, who loses his ability to donate good energies of his own and may even present a potential harm to the patient, if his negative energies are not blocked by the patient's lack of affinity or nullified by the work of good spirits. Another example stems from the positive impact received by suffering spirits who are able to absorb the calming and healthy energies of a medium through whom they communicate in a mediumship session; this donation of energy by the medium is, again, hampered by the consequences of the medium's neglectful behavior.  These behaviors do not only harm his body and impede his work. They also attract inferior spirits who share in the same material passions and vices, and who literally feed off of the energies and fluidic formations created by the incarnate being's inferior thoughts and actions, while robbing him of vital fluids. 

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