The Science of Spiritism


Fundamental Principles

 At the Heart of Spiritist Science

 Introduction to Fundamental Principles

 Basic Elements of the Universe:
Spirit, Matter, and Cosmic Principle

Spiritual Fluids as a Vehicle of Thought   

  Vital Principle: The Life Giving Substance

  Mediumship and Communication with Spirits

Spiritism and Scientific Discovery

 Birth of Spiritist Science:
 Methodical Analysis of Spirit Phenomena

 Discovery of the Spirit

 Experimental Spiritism:
 A Field that Differs from the Exact Sciences

 Integration with Traditional Sciences


Mediumship: In Depth




Building Blocks - What we recommend that you first read and understand


Defining Mediumship and Mediums

 What is Mediumship?

 We're All Mediums

 Are Mediums Privileged?


Types of Mediumship and Mediums

 General Classifications

 How Physical Mediumship Works

 Physical Mediums
 Curing Mediums

 How Intellectual Mediumship Works

 Seeing Mediums
 Hearing Mediums
 Speaking & Writing Mediums
 Intuitive & Inspired Mediums
 Somnambulic Mediums
 Other Interesting Divisions

Cautions and Concerns

 Nature of Communications

 Nature & Identification of Spirits

 True Interpreter
 Necessary Virtues

 Essential Practices

 Suspension of Mediumship  
 Control of Communications
 Beware of Animism
 Developing Mediumship

Fluidic Therapy / Magnetism

Intro to Fluidic Therapy

More on Mesmer



 Introduction and Definition

 Causes of Obsession

 "Gangs" in the Spirit Realm
 Cure & Treatment for Obsession

 Obsession in the Medium

 Psychological Disorder & Obsession

Mediumship At The Spiritist Center

Vision and Purpose

Application and Practice